Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is shell cordovan?

A: You certainly came to the right place to find out! Shell cordovan is a kind of leather that is made from the skin of a horse rather than that of a cow. More specifically, it comes from the horse's rump. It is then tanned by a long and laborious process.

Q: How long does it take to make shell cordovan?

A: It takes roughly six months to tan shell cordovan leather for optimal softness, durability, and style. For many advocates of shell cordovan, it's well worth the patience and the price.

Q: Where does shell cordovan come from?

A: There are a few answers here. The process for tanning shell cordovan leather originated in Cordoba, Spain centuries ago. The practice spread to select sites across the globe. Today there are only two tanneries that produce authentic shell cordovan leather, one of them being Horween's Leather Company in Chicago.

Q: What does Qurtubah mean?

A: Qurtubah is the Arabic transliteration of Cordoba by which the city was known for a long period after the Moorish invasion of 711AD.

Q: How much does shell cordovan cost?

A: A pair of shell cordovan shoes typically costs between $400 and $500.

Q: Where can I find shell cordovan products?

A: You can find shell cordovan products wherever the very finest of leathers are sold! Old and well established stores like Brooks Brothers carry shell cordovan leather shoes.